person holding eyeglasses

Got Vision?

Have you ever wondered… “Why did I waste time on that?” only to be surprised by God?

Three years ago, in Central Asia, we partnered with a medical mission to certify some of our Global Workers in vision assessment and eyeglass prescriptions. The project came and went, the certifications were shelved, and other projects took precedence.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our Global Partners started looking for ways to use forgotten resources. One woman, who was fitted for eyeglasses three years prior, invited our partners to utilize the vision training and leftover eyeglasses in the prison where she worked.

After assessing the first location, the word spread to a nearby prison. A month later, 400 prisoners had received vision tests, eyeglasses, and good news about the love and hope of Jesus.

Some prison guards mocked the Global Workers but later accepted vision assessments themselves. Forty guards received glasses and 20 received Jesus! We are now visiting the prison, following up with both prisoners and guards. Though it is not typically an open environment for ministry, the eyeglasses opened the doors wide for trust and relationships.

What forgotten resources have you shelved? May God show us all how to dust off any buried treasures and steward our talents for His kingdom.

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