Safe Environments

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Help us keep our gatherings safe

Outlined below are the measures we implement to create a safe environment. If you’re sick or do not feel comfortable attending in person, join our online service at 11 am found here on the main page. If you test positive for the coronavirus soon after attending a Casas service, please call us at (520) 297-7238. All personal information will be kept confidential.

We’d love to see your face in person masked or unmasked. There’s plenty of room to spread out in our spacious auditorium. 

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Our Main Auditorium

Our Main Auditorium is deep cleaned and sanitized on Saturdays, which includes wiping down the tables in the Coffee Spot, disinfecting all handrails, and all other high-touch surfaces.

Between services on Sundays, the Main Auditorium bathrooms are sanitized as well as the drinking fountains, and all entry doors. All high-touch areas are wiped down between services, which includes: countertops, tables, railings, and any handles. 

Hand sanitizer is available at several locations throughout the auditorium. 

Masks are available upon request throughout the campus.

Giving is electronic and by dropbox at all exits. 

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Casas Kids Preschool and Elementary

Classrooms are cleaned and sanitized on Friday evenings in preparation for Sunday. Additionally, classrooms are sanitized in-between services. 

In Kid’s Church, all grade levels remain in smaller groupings and are kept that way throughout the morning. 

If your child is identified as a close contact, an email will be sent to notify you.

Please stay home if you’re sick or have been recently exposed to the coronavirus. Our kid’s lessons are sent out via email every week to be utilized in case you are sick. 

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Middle School and High School Ministry

If we are informed of a positive test after a Sunday morning, Wednesday night, or another event – we will email all students while keeping the positive test confidential. If you are identified as a close contact with the individual that tested positive, a second email will be sent to notify you.


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