Frequently Asked Questions

Local Outreach

Global Outreach

  • Who is our Global Partner?


    Casas has spent many years in various areas of the world developing deep personal relationships with people. During these years they have found leaders that are native to the area and desire to create spaces where the love and message of Jesus Christ can be shared with others in their communities. We are happy to call these leaders our Global Partners. Like all good relationships, we respect, care about, and serve our Global Partners in the job they are doing in their country.

  • What is a short-term trip?


    Short-term trips are usually 6-9 day trips meeting a specific need of a Global Partner. We send teams to areas of the world where less than 2% are followers of Jesus, and within the United States. Casas trips are always to places where we have long-term personal relationships with people.

  • Do the missions that are carried out by Casas fill a need that is requested by those we serve?


    Casas does not serve our Global Partner locations with our own agenda in mind. We have a personal relationship with our Global Workers, we ask the questions, “What is the need in your area”, “How do you feel we can be of service to you”, and with this information we partner with them to create a team, from Casas, that can achieve their goal in a meaningful way. This collaboration supports our Global Workers on the ground, in their home country, who have insights as to how God is already working in their area that we might miss if we had our own agenda. At Casas, we understand that to love others is to serve them.

  • How many people are usually on a short-term trip?


    While this varies, most short-term trips are 6-10 people.

  • How do I know if God is leading me to go on a short term trip?


    There are many ways someone can feel led to go on a short term trip. Some people have heard the stories from others returning from a Casas trip and feel like God has tapped them on the shoulder, drawing their attention, and urging them towards the opportunity of reaching others.

  • Who can go on a short term trip?


    There are a few requirements to go on a Casas-led short-term trip:
    1. You speak English.
    2. You love Jesus!
    3. For a minimum of three months before applying, you must be an active member of a Casas Adult Community which meets on Sunday, during the week, or by serving as an active Casas volunteer.
    4. You have the health and stamina to make the trip. Trips can include miles of walking and can be multiple days of travel to and from the countries we serve.
    5. You are willing to commit time in your schedule for the trip and training.

  • I have heard the terms “Goers” and “Senders” used at Casas in reference to short-term trips, what do they mean?


    A Goer is an individual who goes into the field short-term to serve our Global partners and be a representative of Jesus’ love. “And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'” (Mark 16:15 NLT) Jesus said, “Go!” We are called to go and allow Him to use us for the advancement of His Kingdom. God is going to work through you for His glory.

    A Sender is an individual, a community, or a church that voluntarily supports the Goers. That support can look like: prayer support, financial support, logistical support, emotional support, communication support, and support on return from the trip. “And how will they go and tell them unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14a NLT While everyone cannot go, everyone can send and become an important part of what God is doing in the world.

  • Why did Casas Adult Communities participate in sending over 7000 Casas people on short-term trips?


    Casas Communities know that goers (those that go on the trip) and senders (those that support the trip) experience what God is doing among the nations.
    We get to work alongside our Global Partners.
    We see how God is moving people beyond religion into the freedom and acceptance of Christ.
    All of this is for the glory of God!

  • How much does it cost to go on a short term trip?


    Casas prepares you and helps you to involve your community in partnering with you through praying, sharing in the cost of the trip, and supporting you. We use the term “sender” for those who come alongside you in this way.
    The average amount of funds needed to go on an overseas trip is $3,900, depending on where you are going.
    When you are called to go on a short-term trip remember what it says in Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” God is the provider, He will prepare a way!

  • What is the organization, Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions?


    Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions (SOE) is an accrediting organization, and resource for churches, agencies, and schools. Casas is one of the very few organizations that has received SOE accreditation. Accreditation is given to churches, agencies, and organizations that meet or exceed the highest best practice standards established for short-term missions. Achieving this top-tier SOE seal is rigorous and advancement is not automatic.

  • What if I don’t know the language or am unfamiliar with the culture?


    No problem! Our Global Workers speak English, and interpreters are provided when needed.

    The training we provide will familiarize you with the culture into which you are headed. You will learn about their food, customs, religion, among other things, so you will be prepared to form relationships with your new local friends!

  • What if I don’t feel skilled at sharing God’s love?


    We all have unique and special gifts that God can and will use on a short-term trip. Casas short-term trips are all about relationships – using your own personal life stories and experiences to share God’s love and form friendships with local people.
    Our trips are NOT about pressuring people to “change religion”; rather we focus on serving and showing people what the love of Jesus looks like in a non-threatening, relational way.
    Your trip training will give you tools to use and will prepare you for this opportunity.