Global Outreach

Global Outreach is how Casas leads spiritually disconnected people who are outside our language, culture, or nation, into a life-giving relationship with God. The gifts you designate to Global Outreach contribute to the financial support of global workers who live and serve around the world. 

Our Global Partners

Last year our global partners and their teams delivered 4,185 food boxes in Central Asia and Mexico, planted 192 house churches, renovated 7 churches in urban Tucson, provided medical care to 16,000 people in Thailand and Mexico, distributed 303,450 sets of shoes and clothing in Central Asia and the Middle East, provided shelter, meals and medical care to 54 homeless children in Latin America, taught 22 impoverished women in the Middle East the craft trade of making necklaces and handbags using recycled materials, and saw 4,080 people become followers of Jesus around the world!

When you designate gifts to Global Outreach, you become part of these stories!

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