SUNDAY SERVICES: 7:50AM, 9:15AM, & 10:45AM

Home is a place where you can be the person you truly are. Home is where we find the things that are important to us. A home is shared with others - people to help carry the good and bad of life. 

Home is where you come to discover who God is and all He created you to be. We hope Casas becomes a home for you.

New & Upcoming

Essentials Drive

From July 24th through August 7th we’re hosting an Essentials Drive to benefit the Marana and Amphi school districts. In talking with leaders in these districts, we’ve learned that one of the biggest ways we can help students in need is providing essentials like socks and underwear. For families struggling to make ends meet, unseen items like socks and underwear are often the last things that are bought and replaced. This is a way to meet a very tangible, practical need in our community - to be the hands and feet of Jesus to young people in our community who are in need. Drop off items here on campus from July 24th through August 7th.

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