Digital Ways — Making a Difference in the World

Over the past couple of years and continuing more than ever today, our Global Partners have been able to provide a special way to bring hope and care, thanks to the years of groundwork laid by their digital team. Because of the digital team’s early preparation efforts, other global workers and volunteers (including Casas’ mentoring team) are able to join in quickly answering emails from people who are hurting, seeking answers to spiritual questions, or just needing someone to talk to. Here’s one of the many wonderful stories through this special digital platform:

A man who lived with his wife and children in a remote part of his country wrote: “My family and I are followers of Jesus, but we feel very alone in our faith. We live in a remote city and do not know any other believers. What can we do?” The global worker reading the email felt the pain of this man and his family. In his response email, he prayed for him and shared with him some verses of comfort. The global worker also texted his pastor friend who lived in the region. Within an hour, he was talking to a believer who lives in the man’s remote city. By the end of the day, the man and his family, who felt so alone in their faith, were connected with another believer in their city. Casas is so thankful for our Global Partners and their teams who are continuing to lead out in forward-thinking ways in equipping God’s people for serving in our ever-changing world.

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